How to Access Trucker Information

Trucker information has been categorized into its own layer group, which can be enabled using the map layer controls.

Information types that make up Trucker Mode:

  • Road Conditions! Road Conditions
  • Traffic Incidents! Traffic Incidents
  • Chain Law! Chain Law
  • Chain Stations! Chain Stations
  • Oversize/Overweight Restrictions! Oversize/Overweight Restrictions
  • Ports of Entry/Weigh Stations! Ports of Entry/Weigh Stations
Tour Trucker Mode

Trucker Mode

Trucker Layers

The new Trucker Mode feature with resources specific to commercial motor vehicle operators, including the following layers:

  • Road Conditions - Displays driving conditions reported by CDOT.
  • Traffic Incidents - Displays crashes and unplanned closures.
  • Chain Laws - Displays current chain laws in effect for the current road conditions.
  • Chain Stations - Displays chain station locations available.
  • Oversize/Overweight Restrictions - Displays the restrictions on vehicle size and weight for the current road conditions.
  • Ports of Entry/Weigh Stations - Displays the weigh station locations available.

Enabling Trucker Layers

Enabling Trucker Mode:

  • Toggle the “Trucker Mode” button to enable the layer group.
  • The trucker layers listed above will be displayed on the map.

Disabling individual trucker layers:

  • To turn a layer in Trucker Mode on or off, click the to update the map and search results.

Oversize/Overweight Restriction Information

Oversize/Overweight restriction information is displayed using the following graphical images:

  • Axel Count Axel count

  • Axel Width Limit Axel width limit

  • Height limit Height limit

  • Length limit Length limit

  • Width limit Width limit

  • Weight limit Weight limit

  • Speed limit Speed limit

  • Truck speed limit Truck speed limit

  • Traffic delay Traffic delay